Tutorial for Pacifier Clip

Here is the link for the tutorial for making pacifier clips:

I am working on a new, better and shorter version. But this will have to do for now.
Sorry for the bad quality.


I just ordered a lot of new wooden items and I can't wait to show them.
The idea for these special items came when I made this baby rattle. It took me less than 5 minutes to put it together and I just thought it was so cute and simple that I had to find more items like that.

The rattle is made with 2mm ealstic cord and 20mm and 25mm plain wooden ball beads - 5 of each.
I had some wooden rings that are not yet for sale in the shop. But they will be soon. I think they are about 50mm in size.

I will definately write about the new wooden items when I receive them in the shop.

I have been wanting to write about my shop and my beads for a really long time.
Next week I am actually attending a seminar about blogging. Not that I don't know HOW to blog I was only thinking that it could give me that final push to actually do something about it.

Most of all writing this blog takes time. As a single mom of 3, self employed and whatever else follows this I seem to have a problem finding the time to actually do something about it.
But this Saturday morning my girls are with their dad for the weekend and I feel relaxed and have that great feeling that everything will be ok. Now I am finally writing.

For some weird reason I feel like I need to start out my blog with the story of my life more or less. But I am not in the mood for that right now and I am thinking that can always come later or maybe there is a special box for that somewhere here on this page? hmmmm I will need to look around to find out what features it has.

In October 2016 I opened up a store in my local town.
I was actually only looking a more space and found this huge store that had all I needed. First I just had that brown paper covering all the windows but then people around me started to ask me when I was oepening. "Do I need to OPEN?" was my reply. And that is how I decided to open an actual store.
I cleaned up, swept the floors and placed a few items in the window and PUFF!! Hobbyfunhouse was open for business.